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Visiting Lithuania


Kaunas, is a pretty town situated at the confluence of two rivers – the Nemunas and the Neris. It is Lithuania's second largest city, a university town, and center for industry.

Most of the significant old architectural monuments of the city are concentrated in the old town section. These monuments have been restored and adapted to modern day needs.

Highlights include:

  • Old Town with several antique stores and shops.
  • Vytautas Church, built by Vytautas in the 1400's.
  • Liberty Square with the Lithuania Statue of Liberty and the Liberty bell donated by the American-Lithuanians.
  • The adjacent War Museum that displays the sword presented by the Knights of Lithuania to General Zukauskas.
  • 11th century Kaunas Castle – history museum.
  • Vytautas Church – built by Grand Duke Vytautas in the 14th century.


Drive to Pazaislys Monastery and Church of the Sisters of St. Casimirus. The Convent is a Baroque Venetian edifice with rich decoration and frescoes. The Sisters of St. Casimir from Chicago established a branch at Pazaislys after WW I. The sacristy is an outstanding example of hand carved woodwork. Above the main altar is a “miracle working” painting of Mary.


Also, visit Rumsiskes, fifteen miles from Kaunas, one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. It depicts the architecture and style of the four distinct regions of Lithuania. All building were dismembered, brought to Rumsiskes, and reassembled. On Sundays and holidays, folk groups perform and demonstrate weaving, woodcarving, and other crafts.

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