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Visiting Lithuania

It is easy to get around in Lithuania.

Traveling by bus is quite popular in Lithuania, since trains do not serve every town and village. The country has an excellent bus network.

Taxis are another convenient way to visit shrines and other places of interest.

However, if you are traveling independently in Lithuania and do not speak the Lithuanian language, you may want to hire a guide or translator, especially for your trip to Siluva.

For more information on major cities in Lithuania, shrines and other places of interest, go to:

Pilgrimages to Shrines

Tour Guides

Vytis Tours
Rita M. Pencyla
tel/fax 708-923-0280
Main Office
40-24 235th Street
Douglaston, NY 11363
PH: 800-778-9847 - 718-423-6161

G T International
9525 South 79th Avenue
Hickory Hills, IL 60457
PH: (708) 430-7272 (800) 462-2584
FAX: (708) 430-5783

Lithuanian Guide Guild
Grazvyda Mickeviciene
English guide - interpreter
Juodsiliu 41
LT - 2028 Vilnius
Tel./Fax: +370 2 640777
Mobile: 8 287 28933

Visit Lithuania
Rimas A Chesonis
140 Regatta Drive
Webster, NY 14580
(585) 216-9714


In Your Pocket guidebooks are available for major cities in Lithuania. These books provide up-to-date information on tourist agencies, local travel, places to stay, restaurants, points of interest, and other essential information to make your trip more convenient.

Visit for free online city guides.

Lithuanian tour information is available at

Helpful Site

Catholic Church in Lithuania at


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