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Our Lady of Siluva
"Lithuania's Greatest Treasure"

First Chapel at the Rock
Built in 1663

The faithful went to visit the rock on which Our Lady appeared, touch it, put flowers on it, kneel before it and pray fervently to the Mother of God.

This increasing devotion prompted the Ordinary, Bishop Alexandras Sapiega, to build a small wooden chapel around the rock in 1663. It served the faithful until 1818 when Bishop Simonas Giedraitis built a more spacious one. In 1912, a larger, more elaborate chapel was begun.

The foundation of the Chapel of the Appearance was laid in 1912 on the 300 years anniversary of the appearance. It is the most impressive building in Siluva. The legendary stone on which the Blessed Virgin Mary stood is mounted in the foundation inside the chapel and can be seen on both sides of the altar.

Because of the war, it was not completed until 1924. The altar itself was built over the rock on which the Blessed Virgin appeared. Pilgrims were accustomed to go on their knees around the altar and kiss the rock, which remains visible.

On September 7, 1993, the Pope John Paul II visited Siluva and prayed in the “Chapel of the Appearance.”

The “Chapel of The Appearance” to which many pilgrims flock to pay homage to the Mother of God. Construction of this elaborate place of worship was begun in 1912, on the spot where the apparitions of Our Lady took place, and completed in 1924.

The rock formation on which Mary stood while appearing to the children is visible on both sides of the altar.

The Painting

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